Saturday, January 7, 2017

Love me some Cotten

I am currently sitting with my Saturday ice cream, finally warmed up and watching "Shadow of a Doubt". I know lots of things can be said about Alfred Hitchcock, but I love his movies. I have my favorites for sure, but this one and "Rear Window" are my absolute favorites. "Rear Window" has my favorite of all actors, Jimmy Stewart. My top five actors include three who are in Hitchcock films: Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant and Joseph Cotten. Mr. Cotten is the main star in tonight's selection. I have always loved him...especially when I saw him in "The Third Man". "Shadow of a Doubt", if you haven't seen it, is just so good and Joseph Cotten is so slick and scary. Look it up and watch it. Just perfection.

We had a few inches of snow last night, so we were able to get some sledding in with the children. There were no snow people or animals to be sculpted today as the snow was too dry. We zip zopped down the hill at a nice clip this morning and even faster this afternoon. The street had melted some and then froze into a nice bobsled track consistency. We finally had to go inside when our street turned into a driving range for idiot people who think it is okay to speed and talk and talk on their phones while sliding on ice. The boy had to take quite the dive into a yard to avoid getting hit by a neighbor girl. We were not pleased.

Tomorrow will be a chilly one, so I am going to hunker down and get warm while I still can.

Night all.

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