Sunday, January 22, 2017

The World's a Little Less Everything Today

Not sure I have a whole lot to say tonight. We all have a relative or two who make a great impact upon our life and leave every door they darken a better place because they've entered it. My uncle was one of those people. I can remember as a little girl getting to go behind the counter of the pharmacy and sitting in the chair he sometimes used to count pills and fill prescriptions. He'd take us around the store and introduce us to everybody. He gave the most painless shots and got us mess inrecord time. He was one of the first to see all of my babies when they were first born since he worked right near the hospital and could swaddle like no one's business. He and my aunt were the young cool ones who drove a mustard yellow Volvo and had a cool dachshund named Andrea. He even climbed through the window to get me when I locked myself in a room and couldn't get out...and that was just last year. Ha, kidding. I was like 4 or so. He loved t-shirts with crazy sayings, Goodwill and Soupy Sales. He was an incredible cook, a hard worker and a Monty Python lover. He fiercely loved his seven beautiful grandchildren, his grog Bleu and was devoted to his high school sweetheart. He was a devoted son, brother, father, uncle, grandfather, husband. Just a stellar human being and man of God. When this whole journey started in April 2016, he put his trust in God and knew His will would be done. He fought valiantly through brutal treatments and fought like a champ to the end. Our loss early this morning is Heaven's gain. He has a new body and is no longer suffering. I worry for my aunt as she has been such a rock during this whole journey. She is tired and has lost the love of her life and needs prayers, but her hope rests in God.

Thank you, friends, for sticking with me during this journey and your patience and I have oh so often over shared. I appreciate it so very much.

Hug your uncles and aunts and moms and dads and loved ones tightly.

Night all.

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