Monday, January 23, 2017

Get cold

I am kind of feeling cheated by this winter so far, not gonna lie. I enjoy cold weather and snow and sledding and justifiable hot chocolate and lazing around in your long johns by the fire after a good snowball fight. In the night, I woke up to the thunderous sound of a monsoon apparently hitting the area. My first thought as I was flipping and flopping around, trying to find a comfortable pillow arrangement, was "Is the basement flooding?". My next thought for a good long time was, "if it was 28 degrees outside, what a crazy amount of snow we would have right now". I thought of all the exciting things we could do and the massive amounts of snow cream and snow runs we would have. When I realized that there was no point in getting up and checking the basement at that point because it would wake up the dog and a couple of children, I just finally fell back to sleep out of sheer exhaustion. Hopefully we'll get some cold back and another couple of good snows before spring comes. Until then, I will keep watching snow heavy movies to get me through. Just maybe not The Shining...happy snow. Happy snow.

Night all.

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