Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day for some prayers

It is a rainy, messy day here today. Just the right day for a nap...or seven. I worked the majority of the day and the poor children were stuck at home to fend for themselves. Happy Christmas break to you, kids. I would ask you to say some prayers tonight. My uncle goes tomorrow to see his new doctor and start some new chemo in a clinical trial. I know he is getting anxious and worried. Being a pharmacist has its benefits and its drawbacks, especially when you know about the different drugs that you are being treated with. We just hope that he has success with this new drug.

Also, I ask that you pray for one of the girls who works at church in the nursery. She is currently in the hospital very sick from DKA. Her mother said she needs lots of prayers. When you have diabetes, things can go south so very quickly. We just pray she gets better very soon. It is so scary.

I am going to go get my oldest some cold medicine and see if we can attack the stuffy nose she has developed. She sounds like a poor muppet.

Night all.

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