Sunday, January 15, 2017

My show is back

I have too many shows...I realize that. Luckily, most of them I record so then I can watch them and be productive at the same time. I can't begin to count how many pairs of socks and underwear I must have sorted and folded while binge watching something. "Homeland" comes back on tonight. My closest college friend, ME, got me started on it when it was in its second season and I could catch up on the whole first season. I have never, with the exception of maybe The Walking Dead, held ny breath and been so enthralled with a story line before. Sure, it has had its lackluster seasons, but it is so expertly written. Two seasons ago was without a doubt the most compelling thing I have ever watched on television. Okay, fiction wise. I know, I sound like a TV addict and need to not watch so much. I honestly don't watch that much. Sunday is a work day for me and is often stressful, so when Homeland comes on, I can't relieve some of that stress.

Ok, friends, so today a little boy came into the nursery and I have to tell your he looked like a little miniature Ed Sheehan. The only reason I really know to say that name is that he is one of the artists my girls listen to a lot. This child had little hipster pants on, a hat, a plaid shirt and bow tie. I am not allowed to post his picture, and he was too busy for me to get one in focus anyway, but let me tell you he was a-DOR-able. And he knew he was. I may get stressed out at work with the grown ups, but the children are the tops. Just excellent.

I'm about to Cocke out here soon, so I'm going to get ready for bed.

Night all.

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