Monday, January 16, 2017

Emotional day

Since we had a holiday today, the kids and I slept in for a bit this morning. FOr the boy, that meant he slept in until 6:22am...well, he stayed in his bed until that time. After we were all up and fed and restless, we decided to go to the movies and see "Hidden Figures". If you haven't yet seen this movie, rush on over to the theatre and get your ticket. It was wonderful! The children all enjoyed it and got to learn some things as well. It was a good movie to see on MLK Jr Day. I loved it.

Once again, I am asking for prayer for my uncle with AML(leukemia). The clinical trial he is involved with has had no effect on the bad cells in his blood. They felt there was no good reason to proceed with the second dose of chemo as the side effects may be too much to take. Discussion of palliative care has begun. We are all heartbroken. All I can ask is for prayers to keep him comfortable and pain free what ever happens. He is just one of the best men out there. Just so terribly sad.

As I was cleaning up my face after a good cry, my oldest and youngest approached me and said they had a question. "Would you go on a date with me, Mom?"...the boy asked in his most polite way as he handed me some papers. Two tickets to see one of my all time heroes, Ronnie Milsap. I cannot express how excited I am. I have loved him for decades. It was all my oldest's idea. God bless her.

Night all.

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