Sunday, January 8, 2017

Is it bedtime?

I am awfully tired this evening. Not gonna lie. It was a little bit of a stressful morning, but a decent one. We've been getting laundry done and straightening done and back to school prep done. I made a new recipe that no one really enjoyed very much. We have gotten a call that school is cancelled tomorrow. Main roads are fine, but the majority of the back roads resemble ice sprinting tracks. So hopefully the temperature will go up enough to melt this off and get the kids back to school. The girls were actually disappointed that they didn't get to go back to school. They miss their friends. The boy misses his too, but he will always take a day off. So now, the kids are burning calories dancing to the Kinect and I am watching a disturbing documentary.and snuggling with the dog. She's awfully warm and I am warming up thanks to her.

Going to get ready and watch the Golden Globes for a bit. Woohoo.

Night all.

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