Thursday, September 10, 2015

Teach your children well

How do you teach a child to just let it the Frozen people? I honestly don't know...I can't do it myself a lot of the time. All three of my youngsters are learning how to let things go when it comes to heartbreak and worry and fear and anger. How to knock the dust off their sandals and just move on with their lives. How to cull the unhealthy elements that do not add to their quality of living. As adults, it is in our faces constantly on television and in print on how to improve our lives by getting rid of the negative. "Read this book and change your life!" The frustrating part of this whole mess is that there are some people born wired to shake it off. I so wish I was one of those people, but I'm not and therefore my children are probably not getting that from me either. Hopefully they will get it from somewhere sooner rather than later.

I am currently sitting in the parking lot at the high school watching the band learn choreography for their show. Lots of dancing and grapevines and other moves I don't know the names for at this moment. My daughter is not out here since it is rather hard for a person to jump around with a big drum strapped to their the drumline is enjoying a cooler afternoon. I am so very grateful for this group of kids. They have taken S under their wings and made her feel so very welcome. She has learned a lot of "blue" material from them, but they are her fierce protectors at the smae time. She is so fortunate to have so many good but diverse groups of friends in the different aspects of her life.

Going to go pick her and and find dinner for a still stomach aware boy. Sigh.

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