Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day lollygagging

The children were determined to do something fun today on their holiday day off and we agreed, but what to do? We knew that our almost local theme park named after one of the greatest musicians of all time would be a nightmare, so we were willing to entertain other ideas within reason. We still traveled to the county of Dolly, but instead the kids started on a mountain coaster that was fun, but did not have thrills that matched its pricetag. That's was their choice to go and they understood the risk. We had a nice lunch, went to our favorite outdoorsy store and then hit the putt putt golf course for a good long while. Everyone was able to score at least one hole in one and the smack talk was funny without being evil. After playing two rounds, we started back home to ready the hub for the VaTech vs Ohio State game. We did stop by the Country Candy Kitchen to secure some "Dolly Pops" for some family who had never heard of them. Finding that to be a complete injustice, we found some and brought them home. I think they are modeled after the "Porter and Dolly" era Dolly:

They certainly wanted to go for accuracy on some of her assets. just saying.

I hope everyone can enjoy their short week. Have a great Tuesday...night all.
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