Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spittin' image

My 11 year old has totally embraced the whole 6th grade band scene. She loves it and loves her trombone and everything about it. She may not be quite ready for the Perry Mason theme song quite yet, but she'll be there soon enough. So tonight she was showing us her three positions and notes she has learned so far. I was sufficiently impressed for her taste and really enjoyed her laser focus and pride in her progress. Then she said, "Today was the best day in band. I finally got some 'water' to come out of my horn...it was the best thing EVER!". The hub said, "You know that is spit, right?". Her pride in working hard enough that she finlly got "water" out of her horn was the best thing for us all evening. I got so tickled at her enthusiasm. More than that, I am just so thrilled that she loves playing an instrument so much. I hope it continues. Everyone who reads this blog at all knows how much I love band and the wonderful memories I hold from those years I spent with other band nerds. I even got to play an instrument that had water come out of it too. What else does one need in this world?

Night all.

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