Sunday, September 13, 2015

How many meetings can I fit in today?

I am currently sititng in a room at work waiting on my second or third meeting to begin. At least I am early and have gotten the same spot I sit in for staff meetings. I am a creature of habit and I really like to sit in a familiar place. One of the pastors at work takes great pleasure in getting people out of their comfort zones, a place where we should all step out of every once i a while. He tries to get in the seat that someone always sits in just to shake things up a bit. I'm too much of an obsessive early arriver to have been unseated yet, but I know he is taking it on as a I need to be on my toes. I know this will make me sound crazier than usual, but I also have to be on the end of the table or on the end of a row. As I have discussed in previous posts, I suffer from the technically termed(by me) "Jimmy Legs". I need to be on the end because I constantly fidgit and flop my legs around. So meeting number whatever will find me almost dancing in my seat. I can't sit still. And yes, before you ask, I do have ADHD and it comes on strong during these times. Yikes!

Hope all of you have a great evening. Just got home and am getting a shower and going to bed. Night all!

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