Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hitting the wall

So the girl's hand is not broken...we think. It is a tough call, when you are panicked, whether or not to go straight to the hospital or ride it out and see what happens in the morning. I will say that I wish we had felt comfortable enough to ride it out. When the mom who has children who are constantly fractured tells you the wrist needs to be xray'ed, you go out of your respect for her base of knowledge. Also, we have acquaintances who are of the "suck it up...you aren't hurt" mentality and we often hesitate to take our child to the next level of examination so we can avoid the judgement that is to come. I felt that the hub made a good choice after seeing G's hand. Last night, the swelling made it look more like a foot. Her wrist at least fared better than the man sitting near us. He was walking around with a bath towel wrapped around his foot. There was a little smeared trail of blood on the floor following him wherever he went. The question finally had to be asked. Hub: Did you drop something on your foot? Guy: Yes. There was a lot of blood...and a fair amount of skin is gone. Hub: Last time we were here a lady crushed her toe with an antique church pew. It was gnarly. Guy: I bet. I just wonder when I'll get seen. It's been a while. Later on, he and G heard the doc talking outside their room. "Yeah, we've got a guy in room 13 with a crushed foot." Hey...we know who that is. Praying he's not in too much pain today.

Tomorrow she will go back to school. We figured navigating the day on less than 4 hours of sleep would not be the best of ideas.

Night all.

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