Saturday, September 19, 2015

Busy day in the hood

It was one of those rare Saturdays in our house when we did not have a single soccer game. I love to watch my children play, but I was not the least bit sad to have a day off to be productive. With our overabundance of hot peppers, there was an immediate need to do something with them soon or all of our work would be seen rotting on the counter. That was not acceptable, so I pulled out my grandmother's Hot Pepper Jelly recipe and got to work. I was so excited to be able to make two types this year: regular spicy jelly and the "let's have appetizers and a testing of people's pain threshold" jelly. Not sure who will get those jars, but they will be upon request and after they sign my homemade "habanero aware" waiver. As for all those who dwell in our house(minus the teenager who iis river rafting with the youth group), our eyes are watery and our sinuses are clear. My fingers are burnt from the hot pepper cutting and steam...shame on me, I didn't wear rubber gloves.

Right after I had cleaned up from that adventure, we had a visitor. G's sister keeper on her team's dad(confusing enough?)made us some customized Cornhole boards. Now, I'm not sure if readers all over our fair land play Cornhole, but it is popular around here. There are tournaments and grudge matches whilst tailgting and all that business around here and we wanted to participate. BUT, we wanted something that was a little more to our tastes, so our friend M took care of it.

With a beautiful day to enjoy, the kids played pretty uch all afternoon while the hub and got several work projects done. Pretty productive day, but a fun one.

When the teenager gets home I can finally relax and say with full confidence, "Night all." Night all.
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