Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Road rage and anger mail

I have been an angry Tweeter and emailer today. I sent angry tweets all around when a beer truck flew through the school zone and then got a bad case of road rage when they didn't get through the light fast enough. The guy laid on his horn for the duration of the red light he was made to sit through. I was pumping gas at the station nearby and the owner was shocked at the truck's behavior. "That guy just drove through a school scary!". I tweeted and then my brother and another guy retweeted. It was the start of an angry mail/tweet day for me. I just finished a very direct email to The Guitar Center for their treatment, or should I say total indifference, today when I went in to buy the last ukulele to add to my collection. I might as well have been invisible. What is shocking is that I could have flashed the cash I had in my purse and said "Make the ukuleles rain down on this girl...I've got the money, you give me the ukes!!!!"(or something like that) and I would have been met with yawns and eye rolls as they continued their discussions on the most recent shows on Cartoon Network while they jammed with each other paying no mind to customers. Their customer service guy wanted to hear more from me about my experience, so I sent him my musings on his store. I'm on a roll, not that it is going to get me anything. If I get a free ukulele, then we'll have a discussion. Not holding my breath.

Gotta go read a rough draft of a "To Kill A Mockingbird" paper. My favorite book of all time. Night all.

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