Friday, September 25, 2015

Soaked to the bone

The things we do for our children. First let me say that I chose poorly. I wore my raincoat instead of the big honking poncho I initially thought of wearing. Also, trash bags are a great idea to sit on so your rear end won't get wet...only if the rain has stopped. The pooling of rain falling from the seats behind only worked like a waterfall that pooled in a dam until it broke and let loose to seep into your clothing. So, G and I sat in a pool for three quarters of a game, constantly feeling like we forgot our Poise pads. The game didn't go so well for the home team on Homecoming, but the band sure was a winner. The grandparents and sister enjoyed it quite a bit. The boy and the hub were bowling since the father-son campout was rained out. Fun times were had by all. I am starting to get feeling back in my rear end. I think.

Gotta get to bed. The boy has an 8am soccer game. What kind of sadist would do that? Not sure, but we'll find out. Night all.

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  1. the phrase I chose poorly...was that from an Indiana Jones movie? I have a friend that says that when someone asks how many times hes been married ..."I chose poorly" Adrienne