Sunday, September 20, 2015


It's been a busy day, as all Sundays are in this house. G ended up having back to back games this afternoon on turf fields. It was awfully hot and the play was of her teammates took a knock to the jaw and lost a tooth. Seriously. A molar that they think is a baby tooth. There was a lot of yelling from parents, which I don't really enjoy. I did yell at G to keep her head up and that she was doing great. I just get embarrassed and and don't want to get grumped at if the ref comes over to address the mouthy people. Just really not worth it.

So, after we left, we were driving home on the interstate and all complaining a little bit about the drama at the game and all that. We passed what was obviously some sort of accident on the other side of the concrete barrier going the other way with cars askew and parked in tenuous positions on the side of the highway and saw an ambulance coming from a distance. The hub gasped and put his hand over his mouth..."They're doing CPR on someone over there!". We all said a prayer for the parties involved and were glad that the ambulance was so close. An hour and a half later, a news alert came up on our phones from the local ABC affiliate that a pedestrian had been killed on a local highway. After reading the news, we realized that the story referenced what we had witnessed going the other way. It sure put our day into perspective. So, yes, we lost two games. So, yes, our girls got beaten up. So, yes, some of the parents were embarrassing. BUT, we were not in an accident. We didn't strike someone on the highway. We are not getting a call that we have lost a loved one. I pray for the families of all involved. I pray for the service providers. I am grateful my family is okay. I am grateful for perspective.

Night all.

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