Sunday, September 6, 2015

Silly Sunday Supper

We just had dinner with family and got into rapid fire conversations about awkward things. We all got good laughs, but sometimes you hear things you wish you could unhear. Just things that give you mental pictures you can't erase. Like hearing my daughter tell me her friend's mother, won't let her read Harry Potter, went out on a girls' evening to see "50 Shades of Grey" at the theatres. I honestly think her mother had no idea what she was seeing. Poor thing. Her mom is into sewing and fabric, so she might have thought it was on color shades for skirts. Either way, you can't get that out of your mind...and I hope she enjoyed herself.

Let's everybody wish a very Happy Birthday to my lovely niece, K! We love you and hope you had a great day!!

It has been a long day and my arms and legs are sore from rocking and bouncing babies at work. Night all!

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