Thursday, October 13, 2016

Winding Down

Fall Break is close to over and it makes me sad. It has been a fun one, but it has flown by quickly. G, the hub and I lined the fields for the middle school soccer game this morning. It was all in vain, because the irrigation system was tampered with and the fields were like soup. We ended up cancelling the game. We got outside and enjoyed the morning, so that was nice. The boy returned home from a sleepover and was absolutely exhausted. He skipped dinner and was in bed before 8pm. S went to the mountains with friends and returned home to go to urgent care. Sinus infection. Welcome to East Tennessee. Tomorrow is a high school football game . Should be a fun one. The two schools bothe have Queen themed halftime shows. We are excited to watch. We are party animals. Woo hoo.

The oldest daughter has come in to watch a show with me. I will jump at that opportunity.

Night all.

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