Monday, October 24, 2016

Targeting crazies

After I almost barfed during The Walking Dead and tossed and turned all night, Monday morning seemed to come quickly and mercifully for once. I pounded down a bunch of coffee and dragged the girls out of bed. The boy usually pops up quickly. The kids were dropped off at school and I went to Kroger to buy some dinner makings to put in the crock pot, but ended up sitting in the car for 25 minutes listening to Entertainment Weekly Radio's discussion of TWD's season premiere. No life does this girl have. Eventually the soup fixings were purchased, soup was made and laundry was washed. Break time came when I got to have my every two month's therapy session, aka, I got a haircut. Girls, you know what I mean. She was a welcome sight as I had reached the mod version of Roger Daltrey(The Who)look.

Thankfully, she corrected the problem...though I love Roger. I always have.

This evening I took the girls to Target to get the makings for their Halloween costumes. I swear I think they lost their minds in there...dancing in the aisles and wearing costume accessories. Those kids are crazy. Bless 'em.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day...the book fair is at school. Bed time.

Night all.
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