Saturday, October 29, 2016

Slobber and Spectacles

I worked childcare this morning for an event at church. Saturdays are hard to get people to work, so I scrubbed up and went in. Lucky for me, I got to play with a baby all morning. A cute little slobbering bundle of love who was as busy as he could be. He fought sleep and was not about to give up. Busy little guy made laps around the classroom batting a waffle block around like a little kitten. When it came time for his bottle, he let his guard down just long enough to mess up his chances to stay awake. Took his last sip of bottle and I popped that pacifier tright in. Zzzzzzz...... Probably messed up his normal sleep cycle, but that's okay. Something about holding a bay sure lowers one's blood pressure.

A good way to raise the BP back up again is to go to one of those one hour eyeglass places in the mall. With one child trying on every frame in the place and the other unable to commit to a frame, I about lost my ever loving mind. Meanwhile, outside of the store, two teens were running having shoplifted and a mall cop was chasing them on a segueway. No chance of picking frames out with all that entertainment going on...but a decision was finally made.

Thank goodness.

Night all.

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