Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gettin' crafty

I had a little burst of energy after a busy day at work(the bishop visited today and it always adds to the stress level of staff). We rolled out cake balls yesterday and put them in the freezer to firm up for dipping later. We put a few sticks in them to make cake pops. After work time was designated dipping and decorating time. I may have gotten a little too into decorating them. I didn't have as much as I wish I had to use, but we made do with what we had.

Ghoulish cake pops. And ghoulish cake balls:

They were well received and I am glad. Now it is time to rest.

After I watch The Walking Dead premiere. I started watching it late and am very early into the series, but I somehow managed to watch the season finale last year. Waiting to see who Lucille beats down.

Night all.
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