Thursday, October 6, 2016

Uber carpooler

Thursday is shaping up to be the hellish day of the week in my books. Nothing bad, just more activities than I can accommodate as one person. I regret that I did not reset the whojibobbit on my car to see how many miles I actually drove between the hours of 1:45pm and 8pm. I started to get a little loopy in there. I did get to see most of the middle school girls' game which was nice. G was in goal the first half and out in the field the second half. She even got to score a beautiful goal...and I got to see it. It was a nice mom moment. S is currently in the southern part of the county at the Knox County Marching Band Exhibition. They get to play their show and see all the shows that the other high schools are doing. It is band geek Dollywood. I love it.

I'm going to get the two youngest to bed and get ready for The Blacklist. I may not make it through the whole thing without snoozing.

Night all.

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