Saturday, October 8, 2016

Productive I guess

This was the first Saturday in a long time that we did not have a child playing in a soccer game, so we decided to be productive. I purchased so Cruze Farm buttermilk yesterday, so I began the morning with butermilk pancakes and girls with full tummies. The hub is not a big breakfast eater, especially when it comes to pancakes, so her feasted on coffee and English muffins. We snuck over to the high school and watched the girls' team play their first playoff game. It was tough, but they pulled out a 1-0 win and advanced. We picked up the boy from a sleepover where he claimed he had gotten six hours of sleep. This statement was questioned fairly quickly when he sat down on the couch and immediately conked out. For a good three hours. G and I cleaned the kitchen and breakfast room and she decorated the downstairs for Fall/Halloween. Mums were gotten and planted. The Hokies won their game. The Vols lost in double overtime. That's about all I know. Now the hub and I are watching Big Bang Theory and I am trying to figure out how to get the water out of my ear from my shower. We are party animals.

Night all.

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