Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wellll...that was neat

Middle school soccer tournament started today and it got interesting. While G was playing her first game, I was on the other side of the county watching the boy play in his game where the opposing coach was told he'd be sent to his car if he didn't shut up. The boy score a beautiful goal in the upper 90 from the half line. One other boy scored and then other team did as well, so we came away with a win. The hub and G were on the other side of the county. First game ended in a tie with an unfortunate goal scored in the last 30 seconds. Later on in the day, they played another team that really should have been beatable. A spectator on the sideline argued, civilly, that the ref had made a very poor call against my daughter. The ref was at an angle where he couldn't really see clearly, but he called her using hands out of the box. The man stated his opinion and the ref kicked him out of the game. No reason for that. No profanity, threats or violence were used. At halftime, he came back to talk about the first half and what had happened. He planned to leave as soon as the second half started. The refs contacted the tournament head who walked over to my husband, flanked by the two refs, and told him he needed to remove the guy or forfeit the game. They said that all the parents had signed an agreement to basically not hassle the refs. My husband told them that the man was not a parent of a team member, but it fell on deaf ears. After all was resolved the ref chose to give every call to the other team who threw elbows like confetti on New Years. Nice. Take it out on the kids...that seems appropriate.

Ugh. The oldest and I just finished rolling cake balls and have them in the freezer to get ready to dip. Her best friends since age 4 are having her over to their birthday party tomorrow. She already gave them their gifts and felt like she needed to do something to take to the party. What 16 year old boys don't like to eat, so we are attempting to make creepy cake pops. I'll post a picture tomorrow if they turn out.

I'm wiped.

Night all.

Middle school soccer season is over tomorrow and only club season remains. I'll stop talking about it soon. Or at least I will tone it down a bit. I hope.

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