Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pumpkin Heads

It has been a busy Tuesday, but they always are. The exciting thing is that BOOK FAIR is at school this week. I love the book fair as much or more than my children do. At my elementary school growing up, we would have book fair and an author come also. Syd Hoff, my favorite author of childhood picture books, come to our school. They also had a dinner another night where you could eat and hear him talk and win sketches he did while he talked. My dad won one and still has it.

At our book fair this year, the new music teacher had a Fall themed 1st grade musical to accompany the book fair. I can say with all honesty that it was about the cutest thing I have ever seen. They sang and danced and he sang and danced. It was excellent. After we left, I dropped the kids off and went to buy some pumpkins for carving. As of right now, they are hard at work carving while the hub is preparing the seeds for roasting. They mean business around here. I'd put a picture up, but my iPad is uncooperative. I'll put some up tomorrow.

I need to go scrub pumpkin guts off the table and pull a triangle eye out of the dog's mouth. Such a glamorous life I lead.

Night all.

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