Thursday, October 27, 2016

Felt Fanatic

I have been deep in hat construction today.  Now, I will admit that I cheat a bit and start with a plain, cheap toboggan and make it into something with felt and fun.  I am making the boy a robot hat for his costume.  I am making another hat.  It is quite funny.  It involves a lot of pastries...made of felt.  Hopefully it will brighten a day and give a few laughs...and be the coolest hat ever seen with, uh, pastry on it.  I need to add the finishing touches tonight since tomorrow is the last regular season football game for the high school and I'm going to watch the band of course.  And the game, I guess.  Someday I will show some pictures of the pastry hat.  For now, it is an anonymous gift.  

Sleep tight everybody.

Night all.

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