Saturday, October 15, 2016

Last Mow of the Season(I hope)

It was a beautiful day today, although I could've taken about 10 degrees off the temperature, so we decided we needed to be somewhat productive. We had ball games off and on all day, so I had to slip in a little yard work in our tiny breaks. I really hope this lawn mowing will be the last of the season. Everything is so dry...I felt like I was mowing through the dust bowl. A mask should have been on my face, but oops. The boy played a group of teams that we have never been fond of. They don't understand the rules and the parents say horrible things about the children. It's a game, people, a game. I walked away so as not to get in a fight with someone. Sad really. All soccer this weekend and then all soccer next weekend. Lots of games...I need to load up on end of the season sunscreen.

Tomorrow brings with it another work day and another busy evening. School starts up again after fall break and Monday will be rough. We'll just savor the time together while we can.

Night all.

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