Friday, October 7, 2016

Fall Break Finally

After a pretty brutally busy week, we are relishing the fact that we are now in Fall Break week. We had a week several years ago and then, for some reason, we got a Th, Fr off and that was it. I don't think a group of kids needed a break more than these did. It was a pretty decent Friday for them all. The boy got a 100 on his test, so he was pleased. S aced her civics test for AP Gov't. And in the same government vein, G had to run for president of her Current Events class against a classmate. They had to debate on some current event issues. She ended up winning and was so proud of herself. Got right up there and argued her case.

Now we are just ready for S to be home from playing at the football game. They will all be sleeping in for sure.

Night all.

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