Monday, October 3, 2016

Scout tweets

Scout meeting Monday is always crazy. This one did not disappoint. At all. When the leader walks in with candy, you know things will go awry. The oldest and I sat and watched the boys not so slowly lose focus and go crazy and the leader not so slowly unravel. One conversation started about snake bites and venom and how to get it out. The boys were discussing whether or not to suck it out. As you can imagine, the conversation degraded quickly. The boys were very serious about solving this problem. The parents were rolling on the floor. It really just got crazier after that. We were all exhausted from just spectating. I'm ready for bed. It ended with the discussion of trying to cut a cactus open to get water in the desert and a boy interrupted with, "Hey, I know friend has a pet skunk." The other boys looked at him like he had a third eye. It was madness.

Night all.

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