Sunday, October 16, 2016

What a difference

It's been a pretty good day overall. Con't complain except to say that it is the official last day of Fall Break and that stinks. The alarm clock is going to sound horrible tomorrow for sure. We have had a nice time though, I will say. Work was fine and there were no issues. One little baby was upset and off their schedule from traveling, but otherwise the kids were fine. We had one get a haircut and, good grief, what a difference a haircut makes. They go from baby to grown up little person in the matter of a few snips. Can't get over it. G had a late afternoon game that ended in a win. She played a hard team, but the girls fought hard and won2-0. Poor S is still fighting her sinus infection, so coughing and facial pain are still her nemesis at this point. It's sinus time in East Tennessee.

I'm going to go do a backpack check for the boy and make sure everyone has what they need for tomorrow before I settle in for the evening. I'm ready for some snoozing.

Night all.

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