Friday, January 23, 2015

What do you do with a grumpy waitress?

The hub and the oldest are at a youth thing tonight, so I took the youngers and went to dinner. Since we spent last Friday in the ER, we decided to lay out of futsal for the evening and give the boy's hand some more healing time. They requested burgers and a burger restaurant. Out of the kindness in my cold heart, I will not say where we went...but it has gone way downhill since we went there 6 months ago. Our waitress rolled her eyes every time she had to interact with us, which was three The kids were perfectly behaved, used their manners and didn't spill or make a mess. She wouldn't give us any bread, but did so for every table around us without them asking. She never asked if we needed more water and actually got mad when we ordered water. She didn't get our order right, but I was afraid to complain. If she was ugly when we were being kind, what would she do when I said the burgers were not cooked to order or that she left most of the normal things that come with the meal off? I know about people who spit in your drink or clear their sinuses into your guacamole. Do not want to be the recipient of that.

Needless to say, we will not be back. It's a sad decline.

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