Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quality time

With the hub and the oldest doing youth group stuff, it has been nice to have special bonding time with the youngers. We didn't do anything wonderful, just spent a lot of time snuggled up. We watched "Million Dollar Arm". It was wonderful! I cried of course. We took the dog for a walk. As usual, we play a sad game of "how many alcohol containers will we spot?" when we walk through a kind of woodsy area. In case you are wondering, they found 14. We also found this sign:

We had a nice long discussion about that all the way home. I hope I smoothed things over and they aren't scared to be in their own home or neighborhood.

We worked the community meal tonight. The kids helped their Aunt Deb deliver meals to people and take someone home. I saw the ruins of many a plate of lasagna and salad drenched in ranch. I think there were many satisfied tummies.

The kids are snuggled up in our bed watching a movie. I may just let them stay in here and sleep with me. I cannot remember the last time that happened. They may not last long, but I'll take a few more snuggles.
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