Saturday, January 10, 2015

Please don't call...

Operation "Move the Kids Around" has commenced and I feel like my head could pop off at any time. We have been pitching and tossing for several days now and the process kicked up into high gear yesterday. I have taken trip three or four to KARM(Knox Area Rescue Ministries)to drop off clothes and books and toys and games. We could probably make 17 more trips and still not make a dent it feels like. As ashamed as I am to do this, I am going to give you a before so you can see some of the chaos and be witness to the transformation:

Please note, the rooms are not usually this messy. It comes from them grabbing things off of shelves and dresser tops to pitch, toss or box for safe keeping. No rhyme or reason...complete organizational stream of consciousness. I finally hit my limit of this process when I came upstairs to find the rooms like this with no clear path between rooms or to beds. I called my mom to vent after I sent the family downstairs for barbeque and baked beans. After she talked me off of my ledge, I shoved everything to one side so the children could get into their beds without serious threat of bodily harm during middle of the night trips to the bathroom. We have all bathed and are currently watching "National Treasure". Sometimes you need to cry "Uncle" and watch a fun action film with several historical accuracies and inaccuracies.

Going to give the boy some benadryl and prepare to conk out for the evening. Night all.
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