Thursday, January 8, 2015

Awaiting bed time

I could lay down and go to sleep right now at, um, 8:34pm, but I cannot. G has gone with the girls' choir at school to go see the touring production of Annie. They will not be home until after 10:30 probably. She will be an absolute joy and delight tomorrow, I imagine. We must await her late return as it would not look so good for us to wipe out and leave her rapping at the door to get in the house. I have just gotten the boy to bed and will start the process of getting S to bed. She found out today she has "the strep" and has been feeling puny. I was thankful, quite honestly, that she tested negative for the flu. Right after she saw her doctor, we took her straight to the pharmacy to have my uncle give her a flu shot. Every teenager's dream day, although she was quite shocked that the shot wasn't excruciatingly painful.

Time to relax and coax someone to sleep. Night all.

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