Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I love gray, but come on....

This gray/grey weather has got to go...and grey is my favorite color(along with slate blue and drab green). I'm a virtual color wheel for the Debbie Downer in every group. The sun needs to return for so very many reasons. To take a note from last night's post, the dog with he phobia of getting her feet wet and muddy needs another place besides the patio to leave her steaming heaps. Our friend is willing to look at our roof but, can't blame him, doesn't want to go rooting around up there when it is wet. I get it. The girls need to be outside in the sun and wear themselves out so they will stop fighting. They are at the ages to get on each other's last nerve in a milisecond, but something has got to give or the other three of us may hide ourselves in the basement. They are so different, but so alike. Clash of the Titans.

The hub got a good report from his surgeons today. He has been experiencing a lot of stiffness and pain in the past month or more, so we were relieved to hear that everything he is experiencing is normal. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if he developed some other sort of orthopeadic issue since he waited in the waiting room for his first appointment for THREE HOURS. The price of getting a top notch specialist, but honestly. He got to the point of investigating whether he could have a pizza delivered to the waiting room.

Here's hoping to a little glimpse toorrow of the yellow ball in the sky. We all can use a little sunshine from time to time.

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