Friday, January 9, 2015


I am sitting here in an indoor tennis facility while two of my three have futsal practice. When you can see their breath while they are playing, it makes me wonder whether practice is necessary for that day. What am I saying? Sure it is necessary. It is getting their blood pumping and hearts working in healthy ways. The coaches are growing a bit weary, as are a few of us, of the whining that is being heard around here. It has become quite entertaining, I must say. The hub is tucked in the cozy house listening to one of several roofing pitches to come in the next few days. His surroundings might be warm, but I imagine his mood will be icy upon hearing what must certainly will be a blood curdling estimate at any point. Oh well. It must be done. Blech.

I will leave you for a funny for the evening. Here I am, circa 197-, during one of my mother's many vain attempts to try and curl my thick, THICK hair. Notice the very trendy wallpaper and the wonderful blender, which I think she still has. Quality Sunbeam, people. Quality Sunbeam.

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