Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh no don't let the rain come down...

Have you ever heard that song? My parents had a Brothers Four album that we used to listen to and it had the song that said, "Oh no don't let the rain come down...oh no don't let the rain come down...oh no don't let the rain come roof's got a hole in it and I might drown." How true that song is today. I worried all night about the rain and the hole in our roof that is so kindly making "coffee spill" stains on the girls' ceiling. I heard the pounding on the roof in the night and, as a result, got little to no sleep. I have been a trainwreck today, even more so than usual. I thought one child had a commitment out in the western part of our county that started this evening, got all the way out there only to find that it didn't start for two more weeks. Dur. I washed a load of laundry with no clothes in it. Excellent. I did end the evening with a bizarro series of events. The shower curtain popped off and landed on my oldest's head while knocking down the towel rack. Seconds later I got the worst brain freeze the point I had to lay down on the kitchen floor. Seconds later the dog pitched a fit to go out. What was bizarre about that, friends, may be a bit disgusting or offensive to those with weak constitutions. The dog, angry about the rain and lack of fetch time today, completely destroyed what was left of her bed. It looked like a polyfil massacre in her crate. When she went out to have her after dinner constitutional, I think some of the polyfil was trying to make its way out of her colon and got stuck. So here I am, still half paralyzed from brain freeze in the rain, watching this animal squeeze and squat in some sort of strange dog pooping yoga poses all over the patio. She decided she was going to continue this process in the house...uh, NO. So I yelled to the closest girl and got her to bring me a wad of paper towels. So maybe 6 paper towels was overkill, but I pulled out about six inches of polyfil out of that poor animal's posterior like the magician who pulls the colorful string of scarves out of his fist or mouth...except completely different and totally gross. I am ready for bed and some sunshine tomorrow. Just saying.

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  1. another epic funny post...and thanks for the uh oh...dont let the rain come down loop of a song in my head for, lo...18 hours...Heres one for you The Limelighters or Peter, Paul and Mary If I Had A Hammmmmmerrrr

  2. I love that one and you better believe I wanted to be swingin' that hammer of justice down on someone that night!