Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blistering walk

So in my attempt to get healthy in this new year, I followed the insructions of my trainer "Dr. Pain" and set off to do my 30 minutes of cardio. All was fine and the dog was thrilled to be out among her people. We only had one run in with a mop of a dog who was half Copper's size but ten times her size in attitude. Once we got away from it, we were home free. My tennis shoes, or rompers as my dad calls them, did not play well with my socks and so my heels have massive blisters on the back. Training tomorrow is going to suck unless these new socks I purchased work out. Fingers crossed. If only my favorite pair of New Balance shoes were still alive. I wore those things out.

Tomorrow is Hundreds Day at the elementary school and my boy's class has been asked by the teacher to dress up how they thing they will look at 100. The boy is all over this and has asked for everything under the sun that a centenarian might possibly need...okay he stopped short of Depends and a Hoverround. He doesn't know what those are thank goodness. I will have pictures as soon as possible.

Night all. Gots to put these blisters to bed and hope for miraculous healing by tomorrow.

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  1. depends and hoverround....hahhahahhaaaaaaaa