Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The time of year has arrived that makes our relatives up in the frosty northern midwest belly laugh at this region's reaction to cold weather. I totally understand, but unfortunately our area is not built for extreme cold. We can do horrible heat all day long...just not cold. So we will be going to school two hours late tomorrow. I did love seeing a picture of my niece in her lounge pants enjoying a day off from school. So stinkin' cute! Temps got to -30 up there. ipes. With a non wind chilled temp of 7 tomorrow morning, the county powers that be decided to not let the poor bus riders turn into popsicles on the side of the road. When the announcement came out, there was much rejoicing to be heard throughout church(where we happened to be). "We get to sleep innnnnnnnn!!!!!". As much as I would like to have snow accompany this cold weather, I pray it waits until we get a new roof. The poor guys who came today to do the estimate were like little popsicles. Bless their frozen fingers. and anyway, snow is no fun at that temp anyway. Too powdery and they can't play out in it long.

I shall go to bed now and enter mini-hibernation mode. One child is feeling bad and the flu is rampant throughout our city. I need to get my sleep while I can. Night all.

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