Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flu...stay away!!!

So according to this morning's uplifting news, our fair city is the #1 city in the nation, THE NATION, for getting flu...or something like that. This fact was so shocking that the health departments had a free flu shot day at all of their locations today. Our oldest has still not had a flu shot or mist since we could not get any definitive answer on whether or not the one the school gave contained the nasty preservative that she has an allergy to...and a "We don't guess it has the preservative..." just doesn't cut it for us. But the reports of deaths from this strain are very jarring and we don't want to risk it, SO I took her to the Health Department armed with a vat of hand sanitizer and her epipen. We got there in plenty of time and were immediately turned away. The lady said, "We've shut down for the day. There was a two hour wait at one time, so we just decided to shut down early afternoon." Huh? The waiting room was empty...well, one person was waiting for their person to come out from getting their shots. There was plenty of time before the place closed. To say I was not pleased is an understatement, but oh well. I know that people at the Dept of Health work hard. In my social work days, I dealt with them a lot...but they also need to remember that the people who come into their building are humans too and should be treated as such. Anyhoo, she will be getting a shot from my uncle at his pharmacy when he is at work on Thursday. I know that it is only about 20% effective against this mutated strain of flu, but that is better than nothing at all. Let's just pray that she can avoid it as well everyone else. This flu needs to hit the road Jack.

Have a good night. Got to get these kids to bed. My youngest keeps saying "Oy vey!" in every other sentence and the girls are singing at the top of their lungs. This may be an interesting task.

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