Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gonna go soak

So my first appointment with Phil, aka, Dr. Pain went better than I thought. It was like two long lost siblings who had been separated for a while, but there was no time lost in hurling slams at each other. His wife shot her fair share out there too. Yes, it was a free weighted familiy reunion of sorts. I managed to get through said workout without stroking out or throwing up, althoough my Cliff bar worked its way up hard to make an encore performance. I wasn't even really sore when I left. A bit sweaty, for sure, since I can look at someone else sweating and I immediately start sweating like a groom on his wedding day. After my 20 minute snooze in the car pickup line, I felt a soreness in my right hip-upper thigh area. Nothing in the left. Not sure what I did over there, but I am like a 90 year old cripple. I am sure I have probably taken more motrin than one individual is allowed, but I had to do it. The kids kept saying, "Oooh. Mom's gonna get Mr. Phil! He broke her at training." I have only myself to blame, but today was the first step on the road to righting that wrong...I hope.

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