Thursday, July 17, 2014

Waiting room boredom

Today was the post op appointment for S. Through the years I have learned that "specialist" in the medical field equates to "long wait" in the parental field. When I was born, I had feet that were beyond pigeon toed. I had to see ortho docs and wear special corrective shoes that helped to fix my feet. Oh how I hated those things. Anyway, I spent many the hour in ortho waiting rooms. I think my mother even had a special bag packed that was full of special things to occupy us, the crazy children, for hours at a time. We had puzzles and books and more puzzles and books. My children had their ipad minis and my iphone to play lots of different games to occupy their time. So today was no different. They had their devices to keep them sane. We ended up waiting for an hour and a half in the exam room, to the point that I almost opened the door and asked if they remembered we were in there. Finally our beloved doctor showed up, did her check, gave S instructions and was about three minutes. Really? Even the boy said, "All the waiting for a light up her nose and in her ear? Come on." Out of the mouths of babes.

She is healing just like he wants her to and starts nose drops tomorrow. What else can a mom ask for in this whole process? Nothing.

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