Sunday, July 27, 2014

Basement dwellers

Tornadoes came to the area this evening. We were in the middle of baths and showers and cleaning up dinner when our phones went into emergency mode and blared warnings at us to take cover. G immediately went into panic mode, bless her heart. We moved the dog's crate downstairs, got her settled in there and got the kids settled as best we could. Poor B could only stand up, for the sick mattresses and Aerobed were too low for him to be able to get back up on his feet with relative ease. The boy and I played with Bendaroos and the girls did their own thing to pass the time:

A much fun as the basement adventures can sometimes be, we were glad to return to the upper floors of the house and get to bed. Everyone is conked out. I just finished a Young Ones episode and am turning in for the night. Say a prayer for those in outlying counties. Lots of people have sustained lots of damage. We were so very fortunate.

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