Monday, July 28, 2014

I have no brain

We had a visitor in our bed last night. After tornado watch time was over and all the heartbeats were nestled in their beds, slumbering restlessly, the wrath came down about 11:45pm-ish. The first good crack made me jump a good foot out of bed and, not to be crass, probably made me wet the bed a little bit...or almost. The hub and I not so groggily waited for the sound of sprinting feet to our bed, but they held out for a terrifying 5 minutes. A huge crack came, we heard the sound of the pocket door and a child launched into our bed. "I tried as long as I could...I'm sorry." Heck. There are plenty of years for her to be brave. Let mom and dad help you out right now. I was glad she felt safe, but it made for adverse sleeping conditions. We'll take that hit.

I'll be happy to brush my teeth and get to bed soon. I'm waiting for S to come back from time with her cousins. Then it will be sleepy time. Thank goodness.

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