Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Funny boy

I have very little to say this evening. Just kind of too tired and too preoccupied to have rational thought. I went to start making pickles only to find that my huge canning pot and canning eye for the stove have both gone missing. If I could have ripped the house apart, I would have to find those items. Maybe I can find them tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes. Otherwise people are going to start finding cukes on their doorsteps.

Today, when we were at Kroger on Senior Citizens Day, G started asking why they chose Wednesday to be the day specified for our seasoned citizens. I assured her that it was probably a different day other places. The boy, always full of explanations, said, "Well, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on a Wednesday and so that is why our Kroger made it that day." He then erupted into belly laughs galore and yelled, "BAZINGA!!!". He is crazy. During the course of the day, he "bazinga-ed" us three times, got his swim goggles stuck on his face from intense suction and managed to eat a sandwich and get ketchup in his hair. He is never dull for sure.

Time to go to bed. I have officially run out of thoughts. Sorry.

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