Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Holding hard and fast to summer

I am not ready for school to start. At all. A schedule that is jam packed already...a child who will be doing things with high schoolers every week...a child who is entering a difficult year of school with a learning disability that will make her feel different and self conscious. I dread every bit of it. It didn't help that I took child number one shopping for school supplies tonight. Talk about sticker shock. Good grief. Oh well. It had to happen. S and I went this morning to get the boy a new backpack with the specifications that he requested: something that he can wear a strap across his chest. Badabing. One strapped Adidas sling. Done. We then took a trip to the craft store and then on to lunch at a popular burger place downtown. Being seated next to a group of young, cufflinked lawyers proved to not be the best of seating placements. My rising 8th grader got to hear stories of how the guys lied about being members of varsity sports teams at college and immediately were able to bed multiple women. Of course this was not the terminology used, but I think you can get the gist of what went on there. Needless to say, we had some very uncomfortable conversations on the way back home. After that, we took the dog to the dog park to wear her out and then came back home to relax. She is currently participating in one of her Santa gifts she begged for: taking the online Red Cross Babysitter Certification course. She is loving every second. They just warned against using cell phones instead of playing with the children, how a child can drown in less than an inch of water in a bucket and how to deal with a grease fire. Let's all pray that the grease fire never happens and all buckets are turned upsode down...and that she controls the cell phone.

Just pray for my attitude. I just want good school years for all of my children and all of their teachers. I need to adjust my attitude to gratitude. Until then, I'll just watch one of the new crop of responsible babysitters getting ready to give parents a night out:

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