Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I am a magnet

So you can go ahead and be angry or offended or upset at me if you want, but I am going to share my story with you. Tonight I went to the Kroger to buy some beer. I know I have some tee totalling readers out there and I understand that you might be upset. If it helps any, I was not buying it for myself. One of the people we have had working on our house, and yes he is of age...he could be my father, said he enjoys a good beer occasionally and would take a six pack of beer in lieu of pay. No he is not an alcoholic minor that I am breaking some moral or ethical code with at all. He's just a hard worker who enjoys a cold one after a hot day's work. He had a specific kind that sent me combing the beer cooler for something I had never seen before. After finding it, I popped the 12 pack into my cart and went to pick up the Vitamin D3 and Flaxseed capsules I needed. On my way, I ran into just about half of the church in the store and half of those people are militant anti-alcohol spokespeople. Dirty looks were sent flying as they saw the contents of my basket and there was really nothing I could say. I just tried to move on quickly. I got into line with my beer and herbal supplements, praying that I would not see anymore familiar faces. I felt a close presence behind me and noticed that a tiny little hispanic man with beautiful tattoos was standing about 2 inches behind me. "Are those any good?" he asked, pointing to the beer. I tried to explain I had no idea and that they weren't for me but instead a payment to a very kind man who could have charged me a lot of cash for work. "Honey, you don't have to be ashamed to drink fancy beer. I only drink 2-3 of these Natty Light tall boys a night. They are cheap and my women." It was at that point I really wanted to abandon my grocery portion on the black whirring belt, knock the grumpy old lady in front of me out of the way and jump into the Sequoia like Tim Howard jumping at a ball coming from Belgium. Instead I just said, "That sounds good!", gave a little chuckle and became engrossed in Channing Tatum's supposed $50+ million divorce as reported by Star magazine. I managed to check out, get to the car, arrive home and shove the box at the hub to put away. Never dull, friends, never dull.

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