Saturday, July 5, 2014

Patient kids they are

Another Saturday, another trip to the home improvement store. These children of ours are so very patient. More so than I tend to be in those places. The trip started off nicely...they did a Children's Workshop and made bug houses:

In order to install a ceiling fan where we took the other one out, modifications had to be made to update our ceiling to this century...a process we have had to lather rinse repeat a lot during this whole process. After we left the store with lots of electrical stuff and a free hot dog and water, we ran to our local gardening and patio store so I could drool over some polywood furniture. This chair: $356. Just for one chair. But my gracious is it comfortable. So very comfortable. Oh well. We left chairless and went home to watch some World Cup. My Messi's team got it done and moved on to the next level. The boy could only take so much beofre he conked out:

He still tucks that thumb inside his hand for comfort. So sweet. After his soccer snooze, G and the boy went to play in and continue to decorate their cabinet box. Nothing like sitting in a tight box on a hot day to draw pictures:

When they started to dehydrate, they took to making mud pies and watering the garden. This evening they capped off their day by catching lightening bugs to put i their newly constructed bug houses. The fun of summer. The day started off slow, but ended with bursts of light. I'd call that a win.
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