Saturday, July 12, 2014

That kid can talk

I have been walking around in a fog today. I cannot get caught up on sleep. Tuesday night was filled with beeping machines and nurse visits all night, so that was shot. The rest of this week's nights have been filled with lots of tossing and turning. Lots of things on my mind. Anyhoo, I thought sleeping in a bit would help, but all it did was to make my body want even more sleep. So today I was determined to stay awake today so I might have a better chance of sleeping this evening. In order to do this, the hub sent me on several errands to pick up supplies he needed for various work projects. The boy decided to accompany me as he was bored and wanted to stay away from his steroid laiden sister who was on the edge. He got in the car talking about something, the Avengers I think, and did not stop until I popped a Mento in his mouth as we arrived back home two hours later. I needed a minute. He talked his way through Kroger and Home Depot and Lowes and Ace Hardware. It was very entertaining...and exhausting. He was so funny.

I am one lucky mom. Three great ones.

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