Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Well. All the drains and needles(except for the IV) are out of his poor mangled back. I'd put a picture of the carnage up, but I forgot to ask his permission and he is wiped out. He has walked a lot around the floor today. The neuro doc really wanted him to go home, but the ortho doc had the final word. He didn't come in until late, so he gave us the option to stay and aviod a three hour night drive with a temporarily crippled patient. I appreciated that and almost hugged his neck...but I didn't. We are both so anxious to see our family and be in our own bed and smell our smells of home. Thank God for technology and Facetime. We got to see the kids today and talk to them and show them around the hub's suite. We showed them his back and explained what all the stuff meant. Their little faces were so full of concern. Love them!

I am going to brush my teeth and get ready to figure out the most comfortable way to sleep on this sleep sofa. The sofa bed should be used as a torture device, so that will not be used again tonight. I may just sleep across the love seat so it looks like I am a giant. Why not? I can dream of my own bed and pillows and maybe have a few hours sleep tonight. Last night had about 30 minutes of sleep. I can't be zombie wife when driving home tomorrow. I pray our trip is a smooth one.

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